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Meet the Author: Vie Herlocker


Over the last twenty years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some fine people in the writing and publishing business. One of the finest I’ve ever known is Vie Herlocker from Fancy Gap, Virginia. Vie is one of those folks who has such a vibrant personality, you immediately want her to be one of your best friends. She’s witty, kind, and very professional, and she’ll do anything to help any writer be successful in this tough publishing world.

Vie Herlocker is the editor for Sonfire Media, a small Christian publisher in Virginia. Vie also provides freelance editing services through Cornerstone-Ink. Whether she’s editing for Sonfire or Cornerstone-Ink, her mission is the same:

“My desire is to encourage and mentor other writers as they develop the skills needed to answer their call to write. Each manuscript entrusted to me is a gift from God that I nurture with respect for the author and his or her voice, while moving the writing closer to publication quality.”

Book MamaVie is also known as Book Mama and her alter ego, Miz Moe. These personas add some fun at workshops where Book Mama is the cookie-Miz Moesharing encourager for writers—kind of like their real moms. Meanwhile, Miz Moe (Measley Old Editor), is tough love, pointing out possible red flags to publishers.

Did You Know?

  1. Vie lives in an RV four months at a time (with her sweet hubby, a goofy dog, an unstable cat, and a bunch of odd ducks).
  2. She has two fabulous sons and two beautiful daughters-in-law.
  3. She was a mud and dirt drag racer, winning more trophies than her husband, in the Mid-Atlantic Four-Wheel Drive Association in the late 1970s.

(And I’d give money to see some of those pictures!)

Personal Writing

Vie has published in Guideposts, Angels, Penned from the Heart, Miracles of Forgiveness, Chicken Soup for the Empty Nesters Soul, Mature Living, Church Libraries, and The Christian Communicator. She co-wrote Building Better Schools by Engaging Support Staff and ghostwrote a memoir. But her latest passion is seeing other fine authors have their books in print via the auspices of Sonfire.

The company’s latest works are Handing It Down: Teaching Your Children the Basic Truths of Faith, by Tim and Tami Thurber; With Each Passing Moment: Help and Hope for Caregivers, by Shirley Leonard; and Boundless: Discovering God in Your Eating Disorder, by Ashli Roussel (written when she was nineteen years old!) I was also privileged to have one of my juvenile fiction books published by Sonfire: The Secret of Wolf Canyon, and the company did a beautiful job with that book, of which I’m very proud.

I am also proud to call Vie Herlocker a very dear friend.

Leonard.cover.Vies.Co.Vie.Thurber.HIDVie.Bk.CoverAshliBookCoverTHE SECRET OF WOLF CANYON

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Last time we looked at the dress code of those Mennonite young ladies who enroll at the Ashland Mennonite Bible School, Ashland, PA, for post–high school training in Bible doctrines, Christian living, and the Mennonite way of life. This time, we’ll see what the young men must abide by as they attend the rotating three-week sessions with, usually, over 100 other young men and women from the Mennonite persuasion from different states and even foreign countries.

While we review the dress code for this unique training school, picture your hubby, brother, or son dressed in like manner. How long do you think any one of them would adhere to these policies?  Read more….

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On Writing:

The Christian Product Expo/Munce Group Event


Would you like the opportunity to speak to 100 book retailers or book store owners all at once?

The CPE is That Opportunity


On Monday and Tuesday, January 21st and 22nd, I, along with a small group of traditionally published authors representing the Christian Authors Network, attended the annual Christian Product Expo CPE/Munce Group at the huge Hershey Lodge and Conference Center, Hershey, PA. As a member of  CAN, I was asked to give a ten-minute presentation about my books to over 100 independent book store owners and retailers at a breakfast Tuesday morning. After the breakfast, six of us authors autographed books that our publishers had provided for us. I thank the Lord that he opened up this opportunity of a lifetime to give a snapshot review of my Keystone Stables Series and my latest series, The Loves of Snyder County, to book buyers from all over. This meeting of authors and retailers, I believe, could only lead to more book sales, which makes everyone smile.

Also attending this three-day convention were 98 exhibitors (mostly book publishers) displaying their products: books, Bibles, gifts, jewelry, music, and church resources. Of course, their main interest in being at the convention was to advertise and sell their products to the book store owners and retailers. The schedule also included a Bible conference on Sunday, training workshops, roundtable discussions, and fellowship at meals during the three days, open to all the retailers, publishers, and authors.

What is the “Munce Group?”

The “Munce Group,” named after Chairman of the Board Bob Munce, is the Christian Product Expo’s smaller conference held in central PA every year in January. Its counterpart, the larger CPE is held every fall in different locations in the USA. This year, it will be held at the Embassy Suites, Murfreesboro, TN on September 22-24th.

I’ve never attended this larger convention, but I’ve heard it’s massive and takes all of the three days to “enjoy” it. I’d love to attend, but I understand it’s by invitation only, and since it’s in Tennessee, it might not work for me to make this year’s convention anyway.  I suppose if I pursued any of my four publishers, who might have exhibitors’ booths at this affair, any one of them could extend an invitation for me to represent them and have a book signing at their vending spot.

But at the moment, I’m still reflecting on the wonderful experience I just had at Hershey’s Munce Event, representing the CAN group, my books, and myself.


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