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Today’s Writers’ Tip: Meet the Author Carolyn Oravitz


Carolyn and her Hubby

Hi and a very Merry Christmas! My name is Carolyn Oravitz and I am a writer, teacher, and artist. I naturally fell into a life as a writer since I came from a family of writers. My father had a degree in journalism, my mother wrote beautiful poetry, my sister writes for newspapers and magazines, my brother has co-written books on philosophy, and my son has written for his college publications and newspapers. I have written for publications for the past ten years including the Independent NEPA Magazine where I have the opportunity to meet and work with very talented writers and artists.

I am enjoying my most recent project writing Literature Guides for Helping Hands Press. As a certified elementary and secondary English teacher with years of teaching experience, I love working with children’s literature. Let’s face it. Writers are also readers! I am working on a series of Literature Guides for grades three to twelve that I promise will be most helpful as supplementary materials for homeschoolers as well as students needing something a little extra in the literature discipline in public and private schools.

Please feel free to contact me at carolyno@frontiernet.net.


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