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Sept. 4, 2012




The last nice photo
I have of Mother
February 2010

Last week was the second anniversary of the home going of my mother to be with “her Jesus and her Joe” (my father, who went to heaven in 1998). Mom was 94 when she passed through Heaven’s gates. I can’t imagine the joy she had as she saw her Savior face to face and then was greeted by her husband of 62 years and other relatives who had gone on before, including her “dear mother,” whom she hadn’t seen in 72 years.

While Mother’s health declined over her last six months, I had some help from Mennonite friends, who came and gave Mom homecare and kept the house in order. Heidi Weaver loved watching over Mom when I had to run errands. And when Mom was gone and no longer needed her worldly possessions anymore, Heidi took bags and bags of Mom’s clothing, purses, and other belongings to a Mennonite re-distribution center that sent items to needy folk in Haiti and Romania.

Sheila Martin, the gal on the right, was, and still is my cleaning gal. For years, she

Sheila’s sister, my Aunt Dot,
Sheila, and Mother

has come once a month to help me keep the house in order. She also was a tremendous help with Mom, coming several times a week sometimes. She gave Mom my prepared meals and helped her get around. And being a dog lover, Sheila also was, and is, great with our two dogs.

Once in a while, other Mennonite friends would stop by to encourage Mother. When she could no longer go to church, a group of Mennonites (about 25, including children) came on a Sunday evening once a month to have a “church service” with Mom. They sang hymns in four-part harmony without any instruments, and then one of the deacons had a short devotional of encouragement. (I had asked to take pictures of one of their visits, but they asked that I not take any.)

Rusty the horse
& his buggy

On another occasion, an Amish woman stopped by to visit. She parked the horse and buggy in the yard and brought Mother some delicious sticky buns. I can’t remember the woman’s name because we didn’t know her. She just said that God had told her to come and visit us. (But since I’m a horse lover, I could remember the name of the horse: Rusty!)

So, blended in with the sadness of my mother’s last days are also some very fond memories of my Amish/Mennonite friends and their kindness. Those memories I shall take with me into eternity when one day I’ll meet my Jesus and mother and dad face to face on the other side. I’ll be looking for my Plain Folk friends as well.

Mom holding her Bible
while she napped

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We often say, “Well, the least I can do is pray.”

That statement is such an insult to our wonderful, powerful God, who, in His wisdom and divine providence, is moved by our prayers to perform what we often consider “miracles.”

Why do we wait so long to pray for or about anything when God is ready to act on our behalf?

As many of you know, my 94-year-old mother was placed in a nursing home about a month ago when she could no longer walk, making it impossible for me to care for her 24/7. (She had been living with my husband and me for the last 15 years.)

Unfortunately, the only opening to place her was in a home almost an hour’s drive from my house, which was wearing me to a frazzle just trying to get to see Mom three or four times a week.

Mom has also been scared and disoriented with so many strange faces and the strange environment. Her dementia has worsened, and she’s losing weight because she’s not eating well. She’s down to about 90 pounds.

My mother’s 92-year-old sister, Dot, has been in another nursing home for the last year. She also is wheelchair bound. She and Mother have not seen each other for about five months, and they both miss each other terribly.

My church, family, and friends have been praying that either:
1. Mom would get moved to the place where her sister is OR
2. Mom would be moved to a home only six miles from where I live.

I have wonderful news about my mother. Lord willing, next Monday or Tuesday, she’s being moved into the same room as her sister at the other nursing home, RiverWoods in Lewisburg, PA. It’s about 12-15 minutes closer to my house.

I can’t thank the Lord enough for arranging this because my hands were tied, and it looked hopeless that Mom would ever be moved from where she is now. Both nursing homes in which I was interested kept telling me there was no room.

But here’s how God did it. My Aunt Dot’s roomie was a Christian, and last Monday, God took her to Heaven to make room for my mother to be with Aunt Dot.

Prayer changes things, and yours helped. Thank you, friend.

Marsha Hubler
Author of the Keystone Stables Series

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