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Ten Equals One

By Mark Miller


See, that’s a misleading way to start. There are actually eleven of us and twelve stories. I’m talking about a group I fondly refer to as the Authors of One and our series, simply called One. The Authors of One consist of ten authors, plus me. Ten equals one. I think we have the math straight now.

In the synopsis, I call it “a spiritual anthology examining True-Life Experiences of Authors and their Faith. As the series evolves, expect to discover what it means to have faith, no matter what that faith is and no matter where they live. Remember that we are all part of this One World.”

I think it has grown beyond that. What’s more, it has really taught me a lot.

We are nearing the end of the series. Story Eleven, by well-known Amish author Sarah Price, is available now. After that, I am going to put the bookends on it with Story Twelve.

In between my first story, Meant To Be, and the last, which I am calling Choices, a myriad of talented authors opened my eyes. I felt like they stuck out their hand and when I grabbed hold, they carried me around the world. Along the way, I watched them learn, live, fall in love, and even confront death. We shared more than one out-of-body experience and time-travelled.

The best part is that it is all true. These experiences are honest and emotional. Time and again, they bared deeply personal parts of themselves, taking risks that allowed we readers to become that much richer for looking into their lives.

Another thing that should be said is these are generous people. They are not preaching from some obscure pulpit. They each have a message and want to give something more. Each author in this series is giving at least half, some all, of their proceeds to charity. These stories support a variety of worthy causes.

Why not enrich your life and help someone else too? Each story is ONLY 99 Cents and the Amazon Kindle links are here:

 Mark Miller – Meant To Behttp://goo.gl/E2HWn

De Miller – Twelve Stepshttp://goo.gl/ZGsCp

Sudè Khanian – Dr. Candyhttp://goo.gl/HhB0G

Giovanni Gelati – The Hand of Godhttp://goo.gl/P0uVY

Melissa Studdard and Scott Lutz – For the Love of Allhttp://goo.gl/GssqE

George Michael Loughmueller – Snake in the Waterhttp://goo.gl/m1TI3

Rachel Hunter – Perfect Nothinghttp://goo.gl/NnJs8

Crystal Linn – God’s Counterpointshttp://goo.gl/gzZlw

Ron Starbuck – Wheels Turning Inwardhttp://goo.gl/p2QBE

Don Lubov – 1971http://goo.gl/ojf3z

Sarah Price – The Power of Faith http://goo.gl/zPxzm

 Coming Soon

Mark Miller – Choices

 Please connect with the Authors of One on Facebook – www.fb.com/MarkMillersOne

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