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Meet Author Crystal Linn

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Author Crystal Linn says, “I have written all my life. I wrote my first poem when I was eight and my first story when I was ten. The story was about my best friend and me traveling to Saturn. I have kept a journal and written poetry all of my life.”

Until the year 2000, Crystal never took her writing seriously, even though by then she had written many short stories and articles. She joined a writers’ group, attended writers’ conferences, and read everything she could find on how to be the best writer possible. Now, she’s blessed to teach, mentor, and encourage others on their path to becoming good writers.

Her first book was a small gift book of Renga poems, co-authored with a friend. (Renga is an ancient Japanese poetry form older than the Haiku, in which more than one person writes a poem.) Her second book is entitled, From the Heart, Volume One, and is an anthology on nurturing the inner child.

Crystal is pleased to tell us more about even more books she’s had published! “My third and fourth books were written together, sort of. While author Roger Rheinheimer and I were writing our Amazon top-selling series, Amish Forever, I wrote God’s Counterpoint for Mark Miller’s series ONE. God’s Counterpoint is the story of all of the miracles that happened during my husband’s cancer treatment. It has been over five years since he’s been in remission, the magic number for cancer survivors, and he’s still cancer free!”

Concerning the recent release, Amish Forever published by Trestle Press, Crystal tells us, “The publisher Giovanni Gelati read Roger’s first book, Amish Snow, and asked Roger if he would consider writing an Amish romance. Roger discussed Giovanni’s offer with his wife and then decided to write the book, but with a co-author. He placed an ad, and out of all of the many people who replied, he chose me. It’s been a perfect writing partnership, of which I’m continually grateful.”

Crystal and Roger will write more Ava and Zeke (the main characters in Amish Forever) stories together. Roger plans to write more novels on his own while Crystal will focus on writing parenting books and mystery stories set in the Pacific Northwest.

“I have more than twenty years of experience working with children and the adults in their lives,” she says. “I’ve worked from management positions in childcare centers to being a nanny and a tutor to being a foster parent. One thing that makes my parenting books different is I discuss how children think and how they view the world.”

An interesting fact about Crystal is that she and her hubby lived on a sailboat for a week in the Canadian Gulf Islands and learned how to sail. Often bald eagles escorted them, and once an orcaCrystal'sDog swam next to their boat and gave them a full breach. She even wrote a devotional about that experience. She also has a rescued pooch named Rosa, whom she simply adores.

A very special time in Crystal’s life occurred the weekend after 9/11 when her husband kept reservations to celebrate her birthday at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. (She and hubby live in the state of Washington.) Crystal was very moved by the happenings of 9/11. She says, “I still weep when I recall how concerned and passionate our friend and neighbor, British Columbia, was and still is for us Americans. Churches and businesses collected donations to help those devastated by the 9/11 attacks.” 

Another close-and-personal tidbit about Crystal involves a family member. “My great-great grandfather was a missionary doctor to the Oregon Territory,” she says, “and I still have some of his herbal recipes, studied herbs, and alternative medicine. I make my own herbal tinctures and look forward to starting an herb garden once again when I have the time.”

But for now, Crystal is too busy writing!


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Today I have here with me two very special people; Roger Rheinheimer and Crystal Linn, who are Amazon top-ten selling Kindle authors, including their joint Amish romance series, Amish Forever.

Welcome Roger and Crystal and thank you for joining us today. Tell me, how does it feel to be a successful author?
Roger: I’m still blinking! All I can say is thank you to our dedicated readers and the tireless promotional efforts of our amazing publisher, Trestle Press.
Crystal: Thank you for having us, and thanks to our wonderful readers. To be honest, the reality of it all has not sunk in yet because my life has not changed. I still do normal things like cook dinner and walk my dog. I must stop and remind myself that I am indeed a successful author.

What made you decide to become a writer? I understand it is hard work with little pay, unless you get lucky.
Roger: Lucky is right! I feel we were just at the right place at the right time. Trestle Press has been a tireless advocate of the authors they represent. I’ve been writing all my life, and this is the most fun so far.
Crystal: There are important writers on both sides of my family. I grew up writing but thought nothing of it. Then, in the year 2000 we decided I would try to get my deceased mother’s stories published. In the process I became published and was stunned by the raving reviews.

Whose idea was it to write Amish Forever?
Roger: Apparently Giovanni Gelati of Trestle Press had read my first novel, Amish Snow. He contacted me and asked if I would write an Amish romance novel.

Interesting, tell me Crystal how did you become involved?
Crystal: Roger felt to do a good job he needed a female co-author and he placed an ad looking for a co-author for an Amish romance series. I replied to that ad and, as they say, “The rest is history.”

What is it like to co-author a book?
Roger: First of all, I had never co-authored before and one of the reasons I chose Crystal is because she was an experienced co-author. It’s great. We complement each other well and even with the pressure of deadlines and outside demands on our respective time commitments, have not had any significant disagreements. It’s really been awesome.
Crystal: While Amish Forever is my first novel, it is my fourth book to date. All four were either co-authored or collaborative efforts. It is like joint venturing where the key people sit down and discuss goals and game plans. Then they go to work, do what needs done, and communicate clearly.

Speaking of doing what needs done, who writes what and how do you get your writing voices to blend together so well?
Roger: LOL, good question! We actually sat down recently and had what we irreverently called a “board meeting,” and wrote out a pretty detailed outline of who takes the lead on what. I’ve always heard that there two things cause a partnership to fall apart: failure OR success. Thankfully we have completely avoided that and I think are more in tune than ever. I love the roaring engine, smoking tire scenes and Crystal conveys beautifully the teardrops falling on the vanity panel scenes.
Crystal: Before we start writing the next chapter, or volume, we email each other notes and ideas. I write the first draft and email it to Roger. He adds to what I wrote and writes more scenes then emails it back to me for editing. I edit and email it back to him. He then edits more and either sends it back to me for editing, if needed, or sends it to early readers. After that we give it a final edit and format it. When we are satisfied Roger emails it to Giovanni, our publisher.

Obviously you two are very organized? Tell me what it is you want your readers to take away from the story?
Roger: Ok, so here is where the guy chromosomes kick in. I want readers to feel like they got their money’s worth, that the characters came alive for them and, as the saying goes, the story carried them away to another time and place. I want readers to recognize the effort we have put into our craft and say to themselves, “That was a good story.”
Crystal: All of my books are about overcoming, in one way or another. The perfect example is my book: God’s Counterpoint, published in the ONE anthology by Mark Miller and published by Trestle Press. I want the readers of Amish Forever to come away feeling good about the story and feeling encouraged that they, like Ava, can overcome the obstacles in their own lives.

What in your opinion, is the fascination that American readers have with these Amish books?
Roger: The Amish, I believe, appeal to that fundamental human desire for simplicity and goodness. I think a lot of us envy their unswerving belief in a higher good.
Crystal: I agree with Roger. I also believe that the reader can live the Amish life vicariously, to borrow one of Roger’s words, through the lives of the characters.

The two of you are obviously committed to your writing. What are your future plans? Will there be more books? Will we learn more about Ava and Zeke?
Roger: Early on when we realized how popular this series was going to be I commented to Crystal that if we don’t write more together we need to admit we’re not really serious about writing fiction. We already have several story spinoffs. I especially like the ones involving Abe and Bliss.
Crystal: I look forward to writing more with Roger and, in addition, I have my own writing career. Recently I sent two books to publishers. One is a short story that Giovanni, of Trestle Press, will publish as soon as I make it longer. The other is a non-fiction grandparent’s guide I sent to a publisher I know personally in the Seattle area.

Our time is up, unfortunately but again, thank you Roger Rheinheimer and Crystal Linn for joining us today – and again, congratulations on your success with the best-selling Amish Forever. I look forward to reading more of your books.
Roger: Thank you for having us.
Crystal: Thank you for inviting us, and for the good wishes.

Visit Roger’s Blog here, and Crystal’s blog here.

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