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Writers’ Tip for the Day: What Will Make You Quit?

Take the Quitting Writers’ Questionnaire


Can't Get Published?

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk!

How long have you been writing? How long have you been thinking of writing?

I’ve crossed paths with many folks who had the best intentions to write. In fact, some of them had really great ideas, but some of those potential writers never got one word on a page.

Hopefully, you’re not that kind of “writer.” You’ve already dived in, head first, and are trying different genres. You play with words like your dog plays with his chew toy. But do you ever get discouraged? Have you tried for years to get published, but you’ve never gotten to first base?

What exactly would it take to get you to stop writing? Do you consider yourself a “writer?”

Let’s take a quickie quiz and see how you measure up to the “Quitting Writers’ Questionnaire.” If you answer yes to more than three of these questions, then maybe you should consider parking your pen or computer in a corner somewhere and take up quilting or gardening:

  1. Do you get offended when someone tries to help you with your manuscript after he/she reads it?
  2. Have you quit the local critique group because the members just don’t “get” your style of writing? Besides, God told you what to write, and it doesn’t need to be “fixed.”
  3. Do you keep revising the same manuscript without starting to write any new ideas?
  4. Do you always let other chores and responsibilities crowd out your time to write?
  5. Are you considering paying a “Vanity Press” big bucks to get your work in print without hiring an editor to revise it and make it publishable?
  6. Have you stopped reading “how to write better” books and books in the genre in which you’re interested because you know all that stuff?
  7. Have you sent your manuscript to at least five different publishing companies, but all you have to show for it are rejection letters?
  8. Are you jealous of friends who are getting published and you have trouble sharing in their joy?
  9. Do you have trouble finishing any project and you have about twelve good ideas started?
  10. Would you rather be doing the laundry or digging weeds instead of writing?
  11. Have you stopped going to writers’ conferences because all you ever hear is “the same old thing?”
  12. Do you have to force yourself to pick up your pen or sit at the keyboard?


Well, what do you think? Do you have that burning desire deep inside your gut that makes you want to write and get your ideas on paper, or are you a paper pen tiger with no guts, no ambition, no desire any longer to write? How passionate are you about your projects?

Maybe it’s time to evaluate your commitment to the writing/publishing business. It took 10 years for me to get my first book contract after I started publishing poems, short stories, and articles. I needed to learn the craft!

Only you can answer the questions above and determine which way to go with your writing venture. Pursue or quit? It’s your choice.

Next time, I’ll address some of the issues mentioned in the list above.





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