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On Writing

Meet Author Elaine Miller

(As told to Marsha)

            God surprised me with a writing career that began after my fiftieth birthday.  For years I loved writing. As a gift to my grandchildren, I kept journals and hid them in a file drawer with hopes they would be discovered after I died.

            Being an author never entered my mind until my husband preached on the parable of the talents. In that parable God is angry with the lazy servant who buries his talent. God spoke to my heart. What good are your writings buried in your file cabinet if no one reads them? I knew I was to write a book.

            How does one write a book? Clueless, I attended the Montrose Christian Writers Conference. Eager to not miss a word, I sat in the front row (reserved for faculty). Embarrassing! I didn’t know any better but soon felt comfortable as I learned I’m an “odd duck” and that’s all right.

            The Montrose Writers Conference opened publishing doors for me. Years later I served on the faculty at Montrose. I sat in the second row leaving space in the first row for other odd ducks like me.  

            I am ecstatic about the release of my third book, We All Married Idiots: Three Things You Will Never Change About Your Marriage and Ten Things You Can. I know. I don’t like the word idiots either. You’ll have to read the book or, at least, the back cover to understand why I say, “I married an idiot—and so did my spouse.”

           Dan and I have been married 41 years. Living inRome,NY, on the edge of theAdirondack Mountains, we enjoy anything that takes us outdoors. Three married children and eight lively grandchildren bring us great joy.

            For more information please see my website at http://www.SplashesofSerenity.com.

            Thanks Marsha and writer friends. Keep quacking out those books!

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