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Today’s Writers’ Tip: Meet the Author Roberta Brosius


Again, we’re going to take a break from our study of fiction plots to visit with a Helping Hands Press author, who has a fantastic tween/YA novel on Amazon. Ask me if teacher and author Roberta Brosius lives in the fast lane.

“Hey, everyone,” she says, “this is a very different kind of Christmas season for me, as I’m recovering from TWO broken ankles. So I haven’t been inside any malls to enjoy the decorations, but on the other hand I’m avoiding the frustration of shopping in crowds of people. I’ve been keeping up with friends online and participating in the best aspect of Facebook:  The world’s largest ongoing prayer meeting.”

October 23 was the release date for the e-book of Roberta’s debut novel, Surviving Meemaw, (http://www.amazon.com/Surviving-Meemaw-Roberta-Brosius-ebook/dp/B00G5FXB64/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386276137&sr=8-1&keywords=surviving+meemaw), and she’s looking forward to the print edition coming soon.

In Surviving Meemaw, high school senior Laney Odell thinks her life is messed up enough. She’s had to leave her boyfriend, her best friend, and Arkansas to move in with Meemaw, her Pennsylvania grandmother. Meemaw wears garishly colored clothing, drives like a maniac in her yellow PT Cruiser, and directs a team of puppeteers, making her a minor celebrity in town and a major embarrassment to Laney.

To make matters worse, Meemaw enrolls Laney in tiny Millburgh Christian Academy and agrees to teach Puppetry in exchange for Laney’s tuition. Though uncomfortable with the strict, religious atmosphere, Laney’s excited by the attention cute, artistic, funny Calvin Berger gives her. Calvin is nothing like bland, boring, brotherly Joshua Gold, one of Meemaw’s puppeteers, who hangs out in Laney’s kitchen after puppet shows.

Will Laney adapt to a new life with her quirky grandmother and finally process the tragic event that sent her there? I hope you enjoy finding out as you read the book.

Roberta’s day job is teaching Bible to high school students at Watsontown Christian Academy, using curricula she has written. She’ also involved in the Puppet Team there. She’s been published in the Secret Place (Judson Press quarterly devotional) and two Barbour anthologies, as well as other magazines and newspapers. You can follow Roberta’s blog (wit, words, & the Word) at www.robertabrosius.blogspot.com, as she participates in an Advent challenge to blog each day through December 25.

Have two broken ankles slowed down Roberta? Well, maybe for a short while, but this gal’s always on the move and always has been an active author. “I have also written two musical plays, one based on the blind man in John 9, and the other based on the book of Ruth. Anyone interested in producing an off-off-off Broadway play? Contact me at robertabrosius@yahoo.com.”

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