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Sept. 28, 2015

Self Publishing

(Marketing Post Number Eleven)


No matter which way you go, you’ve got to SELL, SELL, SELL yourself and your book.

These days, there’s a lot to be said about self publishing your own book. In fact, most of the writer friends I know have gone this route because of the difficulty, and LONG process, of being accepted and published by a royalty or traditional company.

There are several ways to go with this venue, and all involve YOUR OWN money up front, but if you want to see your name in print, it’s the only option you might have. You’ll have a choice of hard or soft cover, the number of pages, color or B/W photos, and the layout of the entire book. One of the other big advantages is that you probably can have your printed book in your hands in less than a month instead of waiting two or three years. Here are some of your choices:

  1. Go to an inexpensive “print shop” in your community that will print exactly what you put on the CD and give them. But here’s a warning! Be sharp on your own editing and revising because there will be none from the print shop. If you spell “Mnoday” wrong in your manuscript, that’s what will be in your final product. Yes, the process is relatively cheap compared to other self publishing options, but you better be pretty good with your PUGS (punctuation, usage, grammar, spelling), or you might be embarrassed when you get your book in print and discover that your title is spelled wrong. (I actually have seen a self-published book with an apostrophe used incorrectly in the title. Zowie!)
  2. Put some hard cash up front (like, at least $1600-$2000) and hire a reputable company to print about 100-200 of your books. Many such companies will have in-house editors who’ll work with you to make sure your book is a reflection of your best writing and their fine work. As far as marketing and promotion go, as with the first option, it’s all yours, baby. Marketing your book falls 100% in your lap, which will be a costly venture, as well.
  3. Submit your manuscript to the latest craze in self publishing: “partnership” or “indie” publishing, which is becoming a very popular way to publish with small royalty companies. If you enter into a contract with this type of company, it will give you no money up front, BUT it won’t ask you for any money up front either. The company will provide editors to perfect your manuscript, and when the final product comes out, the company will also help to promote it by posting it on numerous websites, review sites, and markets like Amazon. Check out THE SECRET OF WOLF CANYON on my website www.marshahubler.com or on Amazon for this final product.
  4. Publish your book through online businesses like Amazon that use printers like Create Space in Charleston, SC. The cost can be comparable to local print shops who focus on hard copies. However, the big advantage is your books will be posted online for sale as part of the deal. The cost, as with all other print shop deals, varies according to number of pages in your book, type of cover chosen, and the number of pages that you want with color.

Now, after reading this post, if you decide you no longer have the patience to wait for a royalty company to come knocking on your door and you do have the capital to proceed, then go for it. Just decide which way you want to go. And one other small but important detail: make sure you get an ISBN number installed on the back cover. Some print shops or publishing companies will NOT provide this and you must apply and pay for the number yourself. Other companies WILL do that work for you (for a fee). If you plan to try to market your book anywhere in stores or on eBay, you must have the ISBN, or your book cannot be sold through these venues.

Happy publishing! (Next time: Marketing Through Speaking Engagements)

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