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School’s in! (Or it will be any day now.)

How do parents get off on the right foot with their homeschooling program?

Parents need to take off their “Parent Hat” and put on their “Teacher Hat.”

Have that table cleared off, at least, for school work, or if you have an extra room, have it designated as the “school room.” Have everything organized in files so that you know which direction everyone is heading.

Your “students” should be dressed, should have had breakfast, and should be sitting up in a chair or a desk with pencil in hand, books opened, and raring to go.

You, Mom or Dad, should be dressed for school, too. After all, you’re trying to teach character, aren’t you? “Good” character starts with tidy personal care, good manners, and a willing spirit to work.

If you want your child to grow up with strong morals and a good work ethic to be a useful member of society, it starts in your home. So parent, let’s get going and TEACH!

Marsha Hubler
Author of the Keystone Stables Series

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