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Today’s Writers’ Tip: Meet the Author Brenda K. Hendricks

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How does Brenda spend a lot of her time when she’s not writing? Brenda says, “Although I enjoy writing, painting has always been my first love. I started with crayon hieroglyphics on my mother’s kitchen walls as a child. A few years ago, I painted a mural on the church wall. That’s progress. Someone once paid me to paint a portrait of Charlie Pride (yes, the singer) on velvet no less. I was also commissioned to do a wildlife painting while at a hunting lodge in Maine. Good thing, too, because my husband was caught speeding on the way home and the fee for the painting covered the cost of the fine with enough left over to buy a new washing machine when we got home.”

Besides painting….

“My days are filled with caring for my elderly mother, encouraging, counseling, and praying for friends, peers, and my sisters and brothers in Christ. I also care for my grandchildren whenever needed. I have combined my love for painting and my desire to encourage others on my blogs—My Quotes of Encouragement and Brenda K. Hendricks. I also have written and illustrated three children’s picture books. On October 11, 2013, Two Small Fish Publications released my newest picture book entitled Much More to Christmas. View it here: http://www.amazon.com/Much-More-Christmas-Brenda-Hendricks/dp/0982658257/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1386651695&sr=8-1&keywords=much+more+to+Christmas ”

Soon to be released by Helping Hands Press:

Darkness Before Dawn – a short story in MARSHA HUBLER’S HEART-WARMING HORSE STORIES Collection

What’s the story about?

The one thing fourteen-year-old Dawn Williams enjoys most in life, other than simply spending every free moment with her registered Palomino gelding Sundance, is horseback riding with her mother, Sharon Williams. Dawn has planned a surprise, all-day ride for her and her mother. However, Dawn isn’t the only one eager to spring a surprise on the entire family.

Dawn’s father, Doug Williams, decides to take everyone on a four-day vacation…a vacation that excludes horses and ruins Dawn’s all-day ride with her mother.

When tragedy turns the vacation into a living nightmare, Dawn unleashes her anger, frustration, and guilt on the one who could help her through it—Sundance.


Sly’s Christmas Surprise – a short story in MARSHA HUBLER’S HEART-WARMING CHRISTMAS STORIES Collection

What’s this story about?

Despite his aversion for the Christmas giving/getting scene, seventeen-year-old Samuel Lee Yeager, a.k.a. Sly, agrees to deliver presents to disadvantaged families for his mother. At his second stop, Sly meets Evie, a twelve-year-old girl suffering from alopecia totalis—a disease that causes total baldness. Concern sends his mind reeling with an idea to get her a wig for Christmas. But he’ll need his friends’ help.

Although Sly’s buddies agree to the scheme, a fist fight at the gym and a mouth battle at home squelch Sly’s enthusiasm for the project. But it’s too late. His buddies have started the ball rolling.

Will Sly rejoin the Wig for Evie Campaign or will he stick to his principles and miss the thrill of discovering the true spirit of Christmas?

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Meet Author/Illustrator Brenda K. Hendricks

(In her own eloquent words …)

All the world’s a football stadium. Beneath that dome, there exists four positions—spectators, cheerleaders, coaches, and players.

Brenda K. Hendricks? She sits in the grandstand filing her nails or doodling on the program. At least until a player’s shoulders slump in bewilderment. Then Brenda bounds onto the sideline. With a keyboard in one hand and a paintbrush in the other like whirling pom-poms, she “shouts” encouragement through words and paintings.

Over a hundred of her devotions have been printed in numerous periodicals and compilations. Her paintings and prints have been bought as visual reminders of God’s love.

While cheering the players to victory, Brenda notices the need for instruction and marches to the players’ bench. Keyboard clicking, brush swirling, she writes and illustrates children’s picture books. Two are currently in print. What’s the Buzz, Bumbly Bee? helps children to become all God has created them to be, despite the impossibilities. What’s Better than That, Seren Dippity? teaches children that sharing makes friends, and nothing is better than that.

Brenda continues to “blow the coach’s whistle” with an online Bible study that can be read at Two Small Fish and through words of encouragement on her blog My Quotes of Encouragement.

Currently, she is illustrating an early reader’s chapter book about the first settlers in Wisconsin, which is scheduled for publication in December. She also is writing a devotional designed for creative people entitled, A Portrait of Christ, an Artist’s Perspective and an allegory titled Tabitha Tuesday.

Although all this cheering and instructing consumes a lot of time, the ball occasionally bounces at Brenda’s feet. She sets her keyboard and brush aside, picks up her helmet, and … hops on the back of her husband’s motorcycle. Together, they sail over paved seas. While enjoying the landscape, Brenda plots her next novel, relates scripture to her adventure, and deciphers how to duplicate the cloud formation on canvas as she settles back into the position of spectator.


Wow, Brenda. A boring life is NOT what you have. You go, girl!

Be sure to visit creative Brenda at her blog sites and order her books for your young grandchildren. They’ll love them.

Happy Writing!

P.S. – I want to welcome any Amish/Mennonite fiction lovers to this site who are interested in my new series, THE LOVES OF SNYDER COUNTY. Volume 1, BACHELOR’S CHOICE, was released by Trestle Press as an e-book on July 2, and is already doing quite well. TEACHER’S PET and LOVE SONG FOR LOUELLEN are slated to be released over the next few months.

In a short time, I’ll have a page on this blog dedicated to just those who love reading the red hot Amish/Mennonite genre! I’ll discuss all things Amish and Mennonite, including their lifestyles,  PA Dutch recipes, and other trivia that will interest any reader of this genre.

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