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July 22nd to 27th  


Karen Whiting will present a Major Morning Series entitled


Harness the power of the five key areas of marketing to your specific brand/book:

Social Media (FB, twitter, Pinterest, etc.)

Print (articles, freebies, promo materials)

Speaking (events, keynotes, retail stores, libraries, churches)

Media (radio, TV, internet, newspapers)

Expertise (get quoted)


Karen will also present three afternoon workshops:

Writing for Today’s Tweens

Writing to engage kids and to motivate them to apply Biblical principles in life, we’ll look at countering the top reasons older teens and young adults leave the church. We’ll review language that interests youth and how to be authentic in writing for kids without writing “down” to them.

Writing Devotionals for All Ages

Karen has written devotional books for preschoolers, women, girls, families, history buffs, and more. Learn about basics in devotional writing and markets for selling single devotionals. Learn how to apply to write devotionals for outsourced products or pitch a book of devotions

Selling to Children’s Periodicals

There are many opportunities for writers, especially aspiring writers in magazines, Sunday school take-homes and denominational newspapers. Learn how to target your writing for the audience.                                                                                            


 Karen Whiting (www.karenwhiting.com) is an international speaker, former television host, and award-winning author of eighteen books. She has written more than six hundred articles for more than sixty publications. Currently. Karen writes for Leading Hearts Magazine and Molly Green Magazine. She writes for women, families, children, and the military. Best sellers include God’s Girls and My Princess Devotions.

Her Awards:

Christian Retailing Best 2014, children’s nonfiction

AWSA Nonfiction Book of the Year

Awards: Military Writer Society of America Gold Medal, faith category



 Jeanette will present a Major Morning Series entitled


How do I get started as a writer? Find material or choose a topic? Create a scene or compelling character? What is the meaning of such cryptic terms as “show, don’t tell”, “passive vs. action”, flashback, deep POV, head-hopping? What are the formatting and editing guidelines an editor will expect? How and where do I actually SELL my writing? These are some of the mysteries veteran author, journalist, editor, and writing coach Jeanette Windle will be clarifying in this continuing track designed for the beginning writer.

This class is hands-on and interactive so bring pen-and-paper or laptop.


Jeanette will also present an afternoon workshop on Monday:

A Story to Tell—Your Own or Another’s: Writing the Memoir/Collaborative Title

Non-fiction biography is the bread-and-butter of freelance writing. Whether writing your own memoir or someone else’s life story, this workshop will walk you through the practicalities of breaking down, organizing, and weaving into story form a compelling life narrative. Not writing a full book? Principles apply as well to the personal experience short story/article.

On Tuesday afternoon Jeanette will coordinate a Freebie Peer Critique Group for writers working on

nonfiction: theological/memoir/Christian living


Award-winning novelist, journalist, editor, & collaborative writer Jeanette Windle has lived in six countries and traveled in almost 40. Those experiences have birthed 21 fiction and non-fiction titles, including Forgiven: The Amish Schoolhouse Shooting, a Mother’s Love, and a Story of Remarkable Grace (2016 ECPA Christian Book Award/Christian Retailing Best Awards.


Writers, it’s not too late to register! Go to: http://www.montrosebible.org for more information and the registration form! I’d love to see you next week!


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By Authors Doreen Hanna and Karen Whiting

Book.Cover.Hanna.Whiting.Raising a Young MDP


How Did Raising a Modern-Day Princess Come to Fruition?

Author Doreen Hanna was married to Chad for 43 years. Chad’s heavenward journey in 2014 was a celebration of his life, Hanna.Doreen. pic (280x243)leaving a legacy through their two girls: Brandy, married to Roberto Corea for more than 20 years and the mother of Doreen’s four grandchildren. Kamy, is Doreen’s youngest, who is presently single and is a tremendous help to Doreen in this season of her life and ministry.  It seemed only natural that both girls assist in the creation of the Biblically-based “rite of passage” for teen girls curriculum first implemented in 2000, which led to the co-authored book, Raising a Modern-Day Princess with Pam Farrel, published by Focus on the Family in 2010.

Doreen’s recognition for a Biblically-based “rite of passage” led to researching the purpose of a rite of passage because those words are not commonly used in our society today. Yet, they are lived out in our daily lives. A birthday, an anniversary, and graduations are all rites of passage.  They represent transition, worthy of acknowledgement and celebration.  Doreen shares within the pages of Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess true stories of the challenges she faced in raising her daughters in her attempt to encourage the Fruit of the Spirit in their lives and the value of celebrating this rite of passage.

Author Karen Whiting’s formative years included the joy of creative activities with her grandmother. Karen’s marriage led to four children of her own. She used her creative gifting to educate and entertain them over the years.  Karen’s gifts are once again utilized through Raising a Young Modern-Day Princess as each chapter ends with creative activities thatKaren Whiting (princess tiara) reinforce that chapter’s Fruit of the Spirit. In addition, she shares several personal stories that attempted to implement a certain Fruit into the lives of her daughters and the challenges or successes she encountered along the way.

Other contributing authors also share their stories that will bring our reading audience to laughter and sometimes to tears.

Within our homes, and possibly churches too, celebrations of spiritual rites of passage are often overlooked.   How many of us remember the moment we accepted Christ, but we can’t document the time, day, or maybe even the year?  Or the date, time, or place and how we felt after being baptized?  Today we are beginning to celebrate our spiritual steps in our Christian walk that can make a lasting impact in our children’s lives and a significant documented memory.  Like the rocks the children of Israel set in places on their journey to the Promised Land to remember how God met them at those places, our “spiritual steps” are reminders of how God has met us in special places and ways.

Doreen and Karen hope that RYMDP will be heartwarming, insightful, and enjoyable as you implement some of the fun activities that will nurture the Fruit of the Spirit to grow in your daughters’ or possibly granddaughters’ lives, and you will have the joy of seeing it blossom and bear fruit for you and others to enjoy.

A Little More About the Authors:

Doreen Hanna is the Founder & President of Treasured Celebrations. She founded Treasured Celebrations to empower girls of all ages to discover their purpose, value, and strength in today’s society.   She has been accomplishing her goal for more than a decade by training leaders with her same passion.  She has authored the Modern Day Princess books and curriculum published by one of the most highly recognized publishers in the industry, Focus on the Family/ Tyndale.   Her resources have been implemented in every state in our nation and in 22 countries across the world.  She often speaks to women’s groups and parents, and she trains leaders internationally.

Karen Whiting, a freelance writer and author of 22 books, loves to let creativity splash onto the page as she writes. Whether offering creative solutions for busy women or designing crafts for tweens, her books reflect how imagination and writing intersect.  Karen’s books include the popular tween series “God’s Girls” and “God Encounters” Ages 10-12 (small group prayer encounters). Her more than 400 articles and devotions have been published in over four dozen magazines including Brio magazine, Focus on the Family, Today’s Christian Women, Reminisce, and Devo-Zine. Karen also directed an award-winning tween and teen puppet ministry for more than a dozen years and hosted a TV series, “Puppets on Parade,” at WLRN for Miami educational television. Karen is a speaker for women’s groups, retreats, schools, and mother-daughter events.

Thank you, Doreen and Karen, for sharing the exciting news about your new release!





P.S. Authors, if you’d like to be featured on my blog, please let me know at marshahubler@wildblue.net


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 Keystone Stables Book 1

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a gorgeous show horse. Ride with them in their exciting adventures in the Keystone Stables Series, 

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Keystone Stables Book 1



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Meet the Author Karen Whiting



Karen’s Background

Karen Whiting grew up in a small rural dairy community in Connecticut and then married a Coast Guard officer with whom she enjoyed moving and living in different areas of the US. Family has always been important for Karen. She lived on the same street with many relatives and loved being part of an extended family. She also found the military community is a family too. Her greatest joy is being part of God’s family. Karen and her husband reared five children and she now has nine grandchildren. With a degree in math, Karen never expected to become an author. Friends urged her to write about the activities she created for her family, and God also nudged her to write. It’s been a delightful learning experience, and Karen just completed her twentieth book. (Look for it in 2015).

Karen’s Published Works

Karen is the author of several inspirational craft and activity oriented books for girls, including God’s Girls and The One Year My Princess Devotions. Her books for women include pocket guides on time management and one-year devotionals. Her award winning co-authored book, Stories of Faith and Courage From the Home Front shares true accounts of women, families, and volunteers on the home front of American Wars from 1755 to the present day. Her newest release is Nature Girl: A Guide to Caring for God’s Creation. It’s packed full of information, activities, experiments, and fun get-togethers for girls.

Fun Facts About Karen

  • Karen and her family directed a teen puppet ministry for thirteen years that combined her love of youth with her creativity and interest in puppetry.
  • She loved Howdy Doody as a girl and so enjoyed learning puppetry as an adult from Margo Rose, one of Howdy’s creators.
  • She enjoys adventure. Karen has ridden a camel in the Canary Islands, scuba dove off the coast of Bermuda, white-water rafted in Australia, and enjoyed horseback riding in may countries and states.
  • Karen survived unexpected disasters, including four lightning strikes, two major hurricanes (though one damaged half her home), and two spontaneous fires to her homes.
  • Karen is part of the Just18Summers blog that shares ways to maximize the parenting years.
  • Her children time how quickly she moves from sitting with them to getting on the floor and playing with her grandchildren. They know she’ll always be a child at heart.
  • Growing up in the country she learned to sew, knit, crochet, rug-hook, can, and many other crafts and homemaking skills. She still enjoys them all!
  • As a teen, Karen did acrobatic clown performances to help raise money for charity causes.
  • Karen’s mind works like a popcorn popper that continually pops out new ideas. She uses the brainstorming ability to write her books and also to help other authors and ministry leaders.
  • Karen has been a member of Officer’s Christian Fellowship for four decades and helps with OCF activities and Bible studies at the US Naval Academy.

Check out Karen’s latest book!

 Nature Girl: a guide to caring for God’s creation



Explore and enjoy the outdoors while learning how to conserve resources and care for God’s creation. Spa parties with recipes to create skin care products, parties at the park, and healthy eating gatherings make the book fun for girls. Experiments with soil, solar energy, and more help girls investigate nature. Crafts, games, and fun quizzes add make learning exciting. The 175 pages, co-authored with her daughter Rebecca White, are packed with information and fun!

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