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February 24, 2014

Today’s Writers’ Tip


Plot Number 15: FORBIDDEN LOVE

Romeo and Juliet

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

  The edge this fiction plot has on everyone is that the reader (or the movie viewer) sits on the edge of his/her seat, wondering if the two will EVER get together. So, what elements comprise a good story that brings two lovers together, perhaps just for a short time, even though their relationship is “forbidden?” Let’s see:

1. Forbidden love goes against the “norms” of society, so there should be either an explicit or implicit force against the lovers.

2. The lovers, (or one of them), ignore the social norms and pursue their hearts, usually with disastrous results.

3. Adultery is the most common form of forbidden love; thus, the adulterer may either be the protagonist or antagonist, depending on the nature of the story. The same is true for the offended spouse.

4. The first dramatic phase should define the relationship between the partners and place it in its social context.

What are the taboos that they have broken? How do they handle it themselves?

How do the people around them handle it?

Are the lovers just moonstruck, or do they deal with the realities of their affair head-on?

5. The second dramatic phase should take the lovers into the heart of their relationship. They might start out in an idyllic phase, but as the social and psychological realities of their affair become clear, the affair may start to dissolve or come under great pressure to dissolve.

6. The third dramatic phase should take the lovers to the end point of their relationship and settle all the moral scores. The lovers are usually separated, either by death, force, or desertion, and the resolution is an anti-climatic, sad ending.

So, writer, now you have the ammunition to start your Forbidden Love Plot or start the rewrite on your love story that just has something missing. Incorporate these elements into your story, and watch the sparks fly (before they go out forever ). Next time we’ll look at the fiction plot that is also very popular, number 16: SACRIFICE

All information compliments of:

Tobias, Ronald B (2011-12-15). 20 Master Plots (p. 189). F+W Media, Inc. Kindle Edition.


(I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in writing good fiction in any subgenre!”)

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