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Me Know Everything!

If you want to write fiction, first you must decide for what age group you’ll write. Will you write for children or adults?

If you want to write for children, remember there are numerous subgenres and age groups in juvenile fiction.

Will you write for toddlers and preschoolers? Then you’re looking at a picture book often with fewer than 500 words that takes the child into his very small self-centered world. Unless you’re a trained artist, you probably shouldn’t attempt to do your own illustrations. Let the publishing company choose an illustrator from its stable of artists. He/she will do a fine job with your manuscript. Your main goal should be to write an irresistible story that the editor at the publishing company won’t be able to turn down.

Maybe you’d like to write a manuscript for a picture book styled after Dr. Seuss. Then study Dr. Seuss and his 60 books that are in print. Many of his books are 32 pages long with a manuscript that has several thousand words all cleverly written in perfect rhythm and meter poetry. It’s not as easy as you think.

Perhaps you’d like to write chapter books for six-to-ten-year-old kids. Here you’re looking at a book, usually without illustrations, that has about 64 to 80 pages (about 32,000 to 50,000 words). Your plot should take that reader from his familiar surroundings to worlds of fantasy and fun.

Then there are the subgenres for tweens and teens. You can write about any topic, any theme, and have well developed characters, plots, and subplots. How many words should you tackle? Anywhere from 30,000 to over 100,000 words. It’s not uncommon to see books of fantasy have at least 500 pages these days.

So get your creative juices flowing and start writing that children’s best-selling fiction story. Your kiddie audience awaits!

Author of the best-selling Keystone Stables Series


Take a look at Marsha’s latest release:


She wished she was a boy. But why?


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Do you like to laugh?

How sharp are you at Jeopardy?

Jeanne.Mull.Readers.Theater.2015Would you like to read a section of your written work to the entire conference assembly?

Then it’s time to register for the Montrose Christian Writers Conference July 17th to the 22nd. Besides choosing from over 40 workshops during the week, three evenings offer additional perks:

Monday Evening: Puppets on Parade will present faculty and conferees who would like to participate in a fun-filled program of puppetry and ventriloquism. You may volunteer to be in the program or relax in the audience and enjoy the event.

Wednesday Evening: Odd Ducks’ Dilemma, a Jeopardy-type game will challenge panels of three volunteers each, both faculty and conferees, with questions about writing/publishing on all different levels.

Example: Answer – The author of Alice in Wonderland

The Question – Who is Lewis Carroll?

Thursday Evening: Writers’ Theater invites any conferee or faculty member to read a three-minute section of any written work. It’s an evening of creativity you’ll enjoy whether you participate or cheer on the writers brave enough to read their work to their peers.

Please go to http://www.montrosebible.org/OurEvents/tabid/113/page_550/1/eventid_550/58/Default.aspx

for all the details and a registration form. I hope to see you at Montrose in July!



(More shameless promotion)

Whispering Hope

A wild horse and an angry young woman. Is there a secret to taming them both?

Foster kid, Skye Nicholson, sets her sights on a new teen and a rescued wild Mustang

at Keystone Stables.


Book 7. Keystone Stables

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