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August 31, 2015

A Word About Mass Mailings

(Marketing and Promotion Number Seven)

Have you ever thought about doing a mass mailing campaign with printed versions of your books? Have you counted the cost? If you did the campaign, what were the results?

I’ve tried two different kinds of mass mailings, both with little or no results. At least, I think there were little or no results. They cost a couple hundred dollars total, which, of course, is a chance I took. Both campaigns appeared to be ineffective for me:

  1. I purchased a Christian school directory with hundreds of addresses of most of the Christian schools in the U.S.A. I bought 100 copies of book one, A HORSE TO LOVE, in my Keystone Stables Series, selected the schools with the largest enrollment, and sent each school a free book with information on an insert to order more. I received one thank-you letter from a school in California but not one order from any schools. Whether the schools went online to Zondervan to order more of my books, I’ll never know.
  2. I designed my own attractive flyer with all my books listed with their covers in color and a description of the book, a price listing, and an easy-to-use order form. I sent about 50 order forms to libraries, book stores, and “horsie” places like summer camps for kids across the country. The result! One order.

Now, like I said, I’ll never know if any of this promotion afforded me some sales made by these places directly to Zondervan or at book stores in their vicinities. But the response to me personally had me conclude it was not worth the effort.

My advice to you about mass mailings? Don’t bother. You’ll make better use of your time and money going to Starbucks for a cappuccino!

(More shameless promotion)


Book 8. Keystone Stables

Foster kid Skye has no idea where her real parents are, but then she meets an aunt she never knew she had

 and sets out on a quest to find her mom and dad.

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