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A Challenge for You!

View From My Yard on a Foggy Day

I often speak at writers conferences and present workshops to help those who are just starting out in the writing/publishing world. During my presentations I’ve often stared into the blank faces of newbies who don’t have a clue about what I’m discussing, and I’ve found that it has much to do with their lack of knowledge concerning the writing/publishing business and the many “odd duck” terms we writers use.

For you who are more experienced, this little quiz will be old hat for you. It’s a 20-question matching quiz to sharpen the writing/publishing part of your brain. So, take a few minutes, grab a pen and paper, and let’s go: 


 1. _______GENRE                                          A. $ EARNED AFTER BOOK IS OUT


                   MULTIPLE SUBMISSION

 3. _______ QUERY LETTER                          C.  SUMMARY OF BOOK ON COVER

 4. _______ COVER LETTER                          D.  UNDERLYING MESSAGE

 5. _______ PROPOSAL                                  E.  CLEVER BEGINNING OF STORY

 6. _______ CRITIQUE/EDIT                        F.  CATEGORY

 7. _______ REJECTION                                 G.  “PLEASE LOOK AT MY WORK”

 8. _______ CONTRACT                                 H.  ALL ABOUT YOU & YOUR WORK

 9. _______ MARKETING/PROMO                 I.  “DOES NOT MEET OUR NEEDS”

10._______ PITCH                                           J.  SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT YOU

11._______ HOOK                                           K. SENDING IT TO THE PUB. CO.

12._______ STORY LINE                                 L. “ENCLOSED PLEASE FIND …”

13._______ THEME                                          M.  $ FOR NOT BEING PUBLISHED

14._______ PLOT                                             N. EARNED BEFORE BOOK IS OUT

15._______ BLURB                                           O. ESSENTIAL REVIEW OF WORK

16._______ CREDITS                                        P. OF THIS A WRITER DREAMS

17._______ BYLINE                                          Q. LIST OF ACCOMPLISHMENTS

18._______ ADVANCE                                     R. ACTION IN YOUR STORY

19._______ROYALTY                                       S. WHAT YOUR STORY IS ABOUT

20._______KILL FEE                               T. GETS THE ATTENTION OF THE EDITOR OR AGENT


  Well, how do you think you did?  Here are the answers:

1.   F      2.   K.     3.   G      4.  L.      5.    H    6.   O      7.    I.    8.   P.   9.    J.     10.    T

11.  E.    12.  S.    13.   D.   14.  R.    15.  C   16.  Q   17.   B.   18.  N.  19.   A.  20.  M

Next time we’ll discuss “creative nonfiction.”

Happy writing!



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