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Montrose Christian Writers Conference

July 16th – 21st





Drama offers special opportunities for collaboration and camaraderie. Join us for fun and feedback in these interactive sessions in which we’ll create and share short drama pieces.

1          WHY DRAMA?

What’s unique about drama? Why choose drama to tell your story? How does drama differ from other genres? What’s important in creating works for performance? How dodrama sketches, monologues, plays, productions, and performances differ?


Discover how to create characters, story lines, and settings that jump to life on stage. Learn about the special considerations of language, plot, venue, costumes, set design, and lighting required for different forms of drama.


Drama offers incredible opportunities for creativity, but it’s also a collaborative craft that requires specific formatting so that directors, producers, actors, set designers, and sound and lighting engineers can work together to produce the show. Handouts on various formats.


An opportunity to ask questions and to share an original short drama with classmates for fun and feedback.


Patti Souder, former MCWC director, has written numerous articles, short stories, poems, and dramas which have appeared in The War Cry, Guideposts, Pockets and many other publications. She has also written or contributed to 14 published books and has written and directed numerous plays and musicals. Many of her drama sketches can be found at www.AlphaStarDrama.com.

Patti, an RN who earned an MA in Creative Writing, is married to Larry Souder, President of the Montrose Broadcasting Corporation, with whom she co-hosts a daily radio program. Larry and Patti have three children and six grandchildren, all of whom are joy-bringers.


Make plans to come and get your manuscript ready for publication!




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Creative Nonfiction

Creative nonfiction? How can you be creative writing “the truth”?

This blog post is loaded with some valuable nonfiction tips for you who like writing in that genre. Thanks to author Patti Souder, who has shared this information at writers’ conferences, we have some tips that will spruce up your writing and make it publishing ready.

Patti has been writing articles, drama sketches, and nonfiction books for over 20 years. She also has taught creativePatti.+Anniv.Power.Point.2014 writing on the college level, so her suggestions are well worth noting.

In a proverbial nutshell, I’ve listed the highlights of one of her workshops entitled “Creative Nonfiction: An Oxymoron?” So if you’re a nonfiction writer, take note of the excellent advice this experienced published author suggests.

Literary Elements Used to Create CREATIVE NONFICTION

Borrow from fiction techniques:

  1. Develop characters.
  2. Use dialogue.
  3. Include details.
  4. Adopt an effective point-of-view: Use inner thoughts.
  5. Limit your tag lines.

Incorporate poetic elements to increase your artistry:

  1. Use imagery to create sensory impressions.
  2. Borrow from nature: Example – a moth beating its wings against a window can picture the frustration of helpless people when oppressed by authority.
  3. Use metaphors
  4. Vary your rhythm, style, and length of sentences.

Important Elements to Remember

Creative nonfiction is NONFICTION:

  1. Be factual.
  2. Anchor your manuscript in real experience.
  3. Do your research.

Creative nonfiction requires PERSONAL PRESENCE:

  1. Go beyond mere facts.
  2. Add your voice.
  3. Share personal perspectives and reflections.
  4. But remember that your writing MUST be grounded in actual experiences.

Don’t avoid the challenges you might face from folks who question your writing:

  1. If you’ve written the truth, let the challenges come.
  2. Be ready to back your manuscript with research findings, testimonies, and recorded facts.

So, there you have some excellent tips on writing “creative nonfiction.” Whether drama, personal interest articles, drama sketches, or biographies, you can make your writing come alive with a fiction spark if you incorporate some fiction techniques in your work! Just remember, your nonfiction can get “weighed down” if you use boring techniques. Spruce it up with some hints from Patti, an experienced published author!


Director of the Montrose Christian Writers Conference

B.J. Taylor .PhotoP.S. If you’re interested in memoirs or writing for Guideposts, don’t miss next July’s Montrose Christian Writers Conference. B.J. Taylor, representing Inspiring Voices and Guideposts, will present a Major Morning series on those topics.



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January 12, 2015

New Leadership at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference

A Grand Announcement from Patti Souder

Director of the Montrose Christian Writers Conference


After 25 years of helping plan and coordinate the Montrose Christian Writers Conference, I am delighted to pass the Director’s Hat to Marsha Hubler, best-selling author of 20 books plus numerous articles and short stories, editor, teacher, mentor, and Mad Hatter for the surprise Tea Party Skit during MCWC’s Silver Celebration in 2014.

Marsha brings a wealth of leadership experience with her as founder and principal of the Kreamer Christian Academy for 14 years, coordinator of the Susquehanna Valley Writers Workshop for 11 years, and active member of the Susquehanna Valley Writers Critique Group for 15 years.

She also exudes a love for MCWC and the faculty and conferees, who make the writers conference so super.

Please welcome her royally and share the good news!

The Porch

Marsha’s Response

I am honored and humbled to be asked to assume the directorship of such a wonderful Christian conference that has blessed so many writers and helped them not only to be published but also to grow in the Lord. I am one of those authors.

I started coming in 1999 as a newbie and didn’t even know what a query letter was. Because of the Montrose Christian Writers Conference, I have progressed in my writing career far beyond what I would ever have imagined, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.

When I was asked to tackle this job, my first answer was, “No way!” However, as I prayed about it, God opened some doors and closed others, making it clear that I was to take on this monumental task. I know I’m following in the footsteps of a great director, who is well-loved and well-respected. Patti plans to stay involved but feels it’s time to pass the baton so she can focus on a variety of writing projects.

I pledge to continue MCWC’s spiritual emphasis and quality of faculty members and look forward to serving the faculty and conferees with the same servant’s heart I’ve seen in Patti. With God’s guidance and a great group of helpers, we expect to move forward in the heritage of past conferences that have blessed so many.

I covet your prayers.

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