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2018 Montrose Christian Writers Conference Photos

Writers, this will be the last 2018 MCWC photo post in this blog. I need to get back to posting blogs about writing well, which I plan to do next week. So enjoy the photos included here. You’ll also see more from time to time in the Writers of Any Genre group in Facebook.


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Today’s Writers’ Tip: Meet the Author Shirley Leonard


Shirley (third from left) with writer friends at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference, Montrose, PA


Shirley Says Hi!

Christmas greetings to book lovers and caregivers everywhere. I’m excited to announce my inclusion in the on-line compilation: Marsha Hubler’s Heart Warming Christmas Stories, to be online soon. Watch for my story, “The Christmas Letters” on Amazon and B&N in the near future.

What’s the Story About?

“It was 1967 and we were so young and so in love and so—broke. Christmas was coming soon, and I started to panic. What in the world could I give my parents that first Christmas after our wedding?”

This is the last Christmas that Rose Thomas will spend in her farmhouse before the move to assisted living. Teen granddaughter, Abby, has come to help her sort and pack. Rose is filling her with good food and good memories. The Christmas season has a way of calling up deep emotion and long-forgotten memories.

Sometimes the heart tugs with joy or nostalgia, but sometimes pain surfaces and demands to be dealt with. In this work of fiction, loosely based on real life, we take a journey with three generations of women to places of the heart.

Before the week is out, Abby’s mom and aunts join in as Rose leads them on a trip down memory lane that takes each of them to surprising places.

More about Shirley:

Shirley Leonard is a graduate of the Christian Writers Guild. Her devotionals have appeared in the Secret Place, the Quiet Hour, Devotions, and Penned from the Heart. Her short story, “Unexpected Shift,” appeared in Live, and she’s published articles in Women Alive, Pennsylvania, and American Window Cleaner magazines. Her first book, With Each Passing Moment: Help and Hope for Caregivers, was published by Sonfire Media in 2012.

Shirley’s caregiving experience spans four decades as a pastor’s wife, including twenty years of nursing home ministry. After several years of taking care of her parents, she gained a new perspective on the needs of those she’d ministered to earlier. With Each Passing Moment is her story—a devotional memoir that reaches out to other caregivers—a story of finding help and hope in the Lord at a time when her human abilities and resources were exhausted.

For more information visit Shirley’s web page at  shirleysscene.com or look for the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or order directly from her at sleonard16@comcast.net for an autographed copy.



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Meet the Author: Shirley Leonard


[I don’t know how many years I’ve known this lovely lady nor where we met, but Shirley and I go back a long way. Perhaps it was at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference where our paths first crossed. Wherever and whenever it was, I’m glad that it happened. I’m proud to call Shirley a friend.]

Hopelessly in love with the guy she married 45 years ago, Shirley Leonard has just experienced a new kind of love affair: her first book. The title, With Each Passing Moment: Help and Hope for Caregivers, comes from a line in an old hymn. Those lyrics helped her survive her long-distance-caregiving years as she juggled roles as pastor’s wife, mom, and daughter. She loves to share the lessons she learned in those years with others who are on that road now.

Shirley grew up in the Finger Lakes region of New York and met Richard Leonard, aka “the Rev,” at LycomingCollege. Together they’ve served in five different appointments with a total of 16 churches in Pennsylvania. Deeply involved in nursing home ministry for much of that time, she began keeping journals sometime in the 1970s. Journaling became a “sanity saver” for her, and today the journaling entries she’s collected serve as a resource for her writing.

Her personal caregiving experience began with her father’s stroke in 1990 and his subsequent cancer diagnosis. Soon after, her mother developed both emphysema and clinical depression. The round trip from the parsonage in PA to her parents’ home in NY was six hours, which she made every other week for almost five years. Meanwhile, she did her best to juggle responsibilities as a wife and mother of three, as well as serving as pastor’s wife to two congregations.

Writing a book about what she learned during that time was part of her healing process once her parents were both gone. It took 20 rejections and almost 17 years to find the right publisher, but today she’s grateful for God’s timing. Sonfire Media of GalaxVA, published the book on Mother’s Day 2012. In just the few months that it’s been out, many people have expressed that they felt the book was meant just for them for this particular time in their lives.

You might be surprised to know that when she’s not writing or snuggling a grandchild or great-grandchild, she’s usually helping her sweetheart with a project at their “farm.” It’s actually a farmette to where they’ve retired. The place has 15 acres of Christmas trees, the only farm crop these days, but Shirley has lots of lawn and outbuildings to groom. She’s pretty good with most of the tools and loves the change of pace from sitting behind a computer.

Visit Shirley at:






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