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Today’s Writers’ Tip: Meet the Author Edna  Waidell Cravitz


Edna’s Day Job

While Edna Cravitz has dabbled in writing over the years, she has had a busy life in Snyder County, Pennsylvania. She tells us, “I am a retired elementary school teacher and taught all grades from kindergarten through fifth grade. Currently, I am living in the beautiful Susquehanna Valley with my husband. I have two children, two step-children, two dogs—and this is the best part—two grandbabies!”

Edna’s Writing Interest Has Roots in her Childhood

When talking about her love for writing, Edna says, “I have had a love for reading and writing since I was a small child.  I remember walking to the public library on a regular basis when I was just in the second grade. I grew up in a coal town in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Things were different back then. Children walked everywhere, played outside (a lot!) and could safely walk to the library to get their hands on those great books—for free! I even remember my favorite book back then was about a kitten. The librarian had kept it on hold for me. How special was that! And so, my love for reading, especially for picture books, developed way back then.”

Life Experiences Have Inspired Edna’s Writing

“Write what you know!”

Edna says, “My real life  experiences volunteering at a soup kitchen and growing up in a coal town poured out of me when I wrote One Special Christmas Charm. The story centers around a young teenage girl who wants a charm bracelet just like all of the other girls. Even just one charm will do, but Maggie gets books, school supplies…and underwear for her presents!  And to top things off, she has to volunteer at the Soup Bowl with her mother on Christmas morning. But at the Soup Bowl, Maggie experiences the true meaning of giving and compassion and learns that a ‘special charm’ is not the kind that you wear on a gold bracelet.”

Edna Has Another Passion

In addition to writing stories, storytelling is another one of her passions. “There’s nothing like mesmerizing a group of children with a great story,” she says. “When I taught fifth grade, I founded a fifth grade storytelling troupe which was open to any and all in that grade. The children combined storytelling with creative dramatics and had the time of their lives. Wow! What a great self-esteem builder! Now when I see my students all grown up, they still mention the storytelling troupe.”

Edna Has a “Unique” Pastime

So what else does this proactive grandma do to make life interesting? “I am also a Cloverleaf Clogger,” she tells me, “and you can see me kicking up my heels at local street fairs and festivals. Clogging and storytelling give me a fabulous background to draw upon when writing stories for kids. Speaking of kids, look for my story, 100 Things, in the February 2014 issue of Highlights.”

Thank you, Edna, for sharing some of your interests and passions with us today.

“Thank you, Marsha and readers. I’m sure that you will find your very own ‘special charm’ during this glorious holiday season.”



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