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Meet the Author Max Lewis

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Author Joseph “Max” Lewis is no stranger to my Writers’ Tips blog. He was featured in here on October 1, 2012, when his “thriller” book, THE DIARIES OF PONTIUS PILATE had just been published. Now on the heels of his success with that open throttled, no time for doubts novel, Max displays his versatility with a new release, JUST VERDICTS.

These “first person” short stories of legal suspense draw upon Lewis’ military background. On his second ever plane ride he jumped out at 10,000 feet – and twenty five years of legal experience trying everything from a complex drug gang conspiracy case to defending a client charged with assault for setting paper towels on fire, one by one, and throwing them at his wife.   One television wag referred to the case as “Assault by Bounty, the quicker lighter upper.”

A self-confessed “foodie” and dog lover, Max admits he can be found searching for the newest Mexican, Indian, Tai, Ethiopian, or Korean restaurant in the Pittsburgh area, always with his wife riding “shotgun” and a collie in the back seat riding “President.”  Unless it’s too hot.  He’s attended the same Pittsburgh area church since he was five years old and was delighted when his wife recently became a member.  Lewis is a columnist in the New Bethlehem Leader-Vindicator and currently lives, writes, and practices law in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lewis.Bk.Cover.Just Verdicts Cover

To check out his books, go to: http://www.amazon.com/Diaries-Pontius-Pilate-Joseph-Lewis/dp/1622083326/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1372083338&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Diaries+of+Pontius+Pilate


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Why Sarah Price Writes Amish Fiction

The first time I was invited to an Amish canning party, I was twenty years old. Nearly twenty-five years later, I still feel the same rush of awe when I’m invited to attend birthday parties, celebrations, or work parties with my Amish friends. Each moment that I spend among the Amish opens my eyes to the spiritual goodness of their culture.  I am blessed to have this unique relationship with the Amish. And this is something that I can share with my readers in the hopes of introducing a sense of Amish peace and tranquility that is too often lacking in our own lives.

The Amish move slowly throughout the day. They are not rushed or burdened with activities, work, or abundant commitments. There is no competition among the Amish, no petty grievances or jealous rages. Instead, they focus on the beauty of three yellow finches that visit the birdfeeder every evening, the bluebirds that nest in the birdhouse across the street on a telephone pole, or the growth of their crops. The Amish focus on the small victories of living each day and sharing that joy with their loved ones.

When I visit my Amish friends, I observe everything with a writer’s eye. I see the colors of the dresses hanging from the clothing line, the different shades of green in the growing cornfields, and the unspoken pride they take in planting spring flowerbeds and vegetable gardens. When a member of the community is sick, neighbors from both near and afar come to help that person’s family with chores, both inside and outside of the home.

The sense of spiritual well-being is so overwhelming. It leaves me breathless and humbled. During times of crisis, such as something as tragic as the Nickel Mines School shootings from 2006 or the less severe current rash of vandalism that has recently been spreading through my Amish friends’ community, the Amish demonstrate a true sense of Christian love for each other. Never is there talk of retribution or retaliation. Such a thought wouldn’t even cross their minds. Instead, they demonstrate the power of being a true believer in Jesus Christ. They work hard, they worship true, and they live life, the life that God has given to them, not the one that they wish they had.

Perhaps that’s the secret, the Amish peace: hard work, true worship and a life that is lived to the fullest. I’s the secret that I hope to capture and share in my books.

Sarah Price 

You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;
you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you.
Psalm 128:2

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 Meet Author Amanda Ward

Thank you for having me on your blog today.  I really appreciate it.

I guess when it comes to promoting myself, I am the woman in the corner of a room with a glass of fizz holding a bookmark, hoping someone will notice. 

So here’s my bookmark, and I’m drinking a mug of tea!

My name is Amanda J Ward and I am the author of The Thrilling Adventures of Pann Haggerty; a short story series about an Englishwoman of a ‘certain’ age who takes a year off to travel around America in an RV in search of new experiences and perhaps love.  They are fun and quirky, and the best compliments I have had is that my mother, mother in law and daughter have read them.  Which is really amazing.

I have a full length novel out in September called Without Saying A Word. 

The good guy gets his girl! After being in love with his older neighbour Laura since they met a year ago, Rhean Tate, Viscount Kirkleigh seizes his chance to make her his, when her past reappears threatening her and her children’s safety. This thirty-four year old male virgin, whisks her into marriage vowing to protect and cherish Laura and her family, with his name and noble family connections.

Will Laura feel overwhelmed by Rhean and run away.  Her abusive marriage left her with scars on the inside as well as on the outside, or will she allow her barriers to crumble and be the woman and wife they both deserve’

I live in England with my husband, our three young children and two mad cats called Arthur and Merlin.  I write mostly romance, but am dipping my toes in a few uncertain waters such as a regency time-shift which is all planned out.  This is the first story in the Fitzroyal novels set around three siblings and their widowed mother.

A couple of years ago I entered New Voices run by M&B.  I also entered last year with Her Reverend Majesty, about a vicar who marries a king of a foreign country and has to choose between her vocation or love.  Unfortunately although a lot of people were complimentary.  It didn’t make the final.   So, later on that year I joined NANO where Laura and Rhean’s story was being written.  I managed to finish it early this year and I had an R&R from one publisher.  However, when I was asked by Trestle to submit, I got an immediate response to could they have it.  Roll on September when Bonkers in Boston and Without Saying A Word come out.

I’m by no means a regular writer.  I don’t have a set time of day when I can write.  Each day in my home is completely different as to how, when and if I can get anything done.  The past few weeks have been manic as the kids have been off school.  It’s only now in the week before they go back, that I am able to catch up and do reviews etc.

I am a HUGE reader.  I have been reading since I can remember, and there were times when I am sure my mother despaired at me for hoarding books under my bed.  Before my father died, we used to go to the library together every Saturday, with me trotting after him pulling the shopping trolley.  He would fill it up with war books.  My grandmother was a reader of romantic fiction.  I found some in her spare room one day when I was eight and snooping.  Since then I have been hooked.  My favourite series is still the Temptation line of Harlequin books, but there are authors I am exceptionally loyal to.  I adore historical fiction and royalty books.  I have dvds about them and biographies lining my bookcase.  Phillippa Gregory, Anne O’Brien, Marguerite Kaye, Michelle Willingham and Sophie Perinot top my list there.

My influences writing wise come from my friends, and also what I like to read and watch.  I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls, Waltons, Little House on the Prairie, Sci Fi and Big Bang Theory fan. 

When I write Pann, for some reason, I see it as a sitcom.  I think that’s the best way to describe the series, and I like working to a deadline for some reason.  The worst thing about me is that I procrastinate like mad.  It is really dreadful.  Finding other things to do rather than sit in front of the screen and get words to appear on it from my head.  For some reason I love working in peace and quiet.  I guess it’s because I talk to myself when I type and the looks I get from my children and husband, and the cats too are very offputting.    Yes there are days when I feel I have no talent for writing and that what I do is absolute rubbish.  How do I cope?  I walk away from what I’m doing for a time.

Any advice?  Don’t give up.

Here is an teaser from Pann Haggerty Volume three Bonkers In Boston.

Hope you enjoy it!.

When Joe came back to the meeting house for her less than half an hour later, he was laden down with bags.  Hoping he got the right things for her, upon seeing the sight before him, stopped dead, lifted his face to the sky and whispered

“Oh Jeez not this.  Not here.  Not now”

For standing on the steps was Pann.  She had a union jack cap on her head and  and a frilly apron around her.  She was handing out slices of cake and plastic cups of tea to anyone that would take it.  A broad smile lit up her pixie like face and she was obviously having a fantastic time.  Laughing and chatting to tourists and residents alike.

“What do you think you are doing Crazy Lady?” Joe said slowly.

“Well, duh” Pann mocked him.  “What does it look like.  I’m having a tea party.  Where better to have one.  Than here!” She announced taking a bow.  Cutting a piece of sunken, lopsided cake, Pann put it on a napkin and handed it to Joe.

“I knew you were up to something” Joe muttered taking a bite of the cake.  It tasted much better than it looked.

“You can’t have a tea party without cake” Pann said stubbornly.

Joe took a deep breath.

“Wrong revolution darlin.  That was the French one” He informed her.

“And the tea party?” asked Pann, totally confused by all the history being thrown at her.

“To do with taxing of tea.  Crates of it were thrown overboard and into the river”

“What an absolute waste of perfectly good tea” Pann sniffed.  She sat down with her own cup and munched on her cake. 

Joe couldn’t resist taking a photograph of her.

“Say Tea Party” he teased.  Pann stuck her tongue out at him.  Joe continued taking photographs anyway.   She pulled up her jeans at one point exposing red socks.

“Pann what are you wearing?”

“Red socks.  You said Boston was the home of the red socks.  So I am wearing them because I’m in Boston”.

“Pann, you crazy Englishlady.  When I said Boston was home to the red socks, I meant the Red Sox.  A baseball team”  Joe said slowly and carefully so she would understand.

“Baseball”  Pann thought for a moment.  “Is that like rounders?”

“You have to be kidding me!  You’ve never heard of baseball?”  Joe’s voice was incredulous.

“Of course I have.  You hit a ball with a round stick.  Then run around the field and touch bases.  That’s rounders”  The tone of her voice dared him to argue the toss.

“What about football?” Joe decided to open the can all the way.

“Rugby”  Pann countered


“Football”  Pann was evidently enjoying her banter with him. 

He sat down on the steps and put his head in his hands. 

“Save me from crazy Englishwomen” He pleaded to no-one in particular.

“Sorry pal. You’re on your own” Came a retort from a passer by.

Pann sat down beside him and snuggled up.  She gave a sigh of happiness.

“That was fun” She giggled girlishly sipping another cup of tea.

Well there you.  A sneak peek at what Pann is like.  If you want to read more, you can catch up with Pann on.


in the US


im on facebook at






Kooks Nook


and my website


and of course email me at


Thanks for having me and hope to hear from readers soon!





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Today I have here with me two very special people; Roger Rheinheimer and Crystal Linn, who are Amazon top-ten selling Kindle authors, including their joint Amish romance series, Amish Forever.

Welcome Roger and Crystal and thank you for joining us today. Tell me, how does it feel to be a successful author?
Roger: I’m still blinking! All I can say is thank you to our dedicated readers and the tireless promotional efforts of our amazing publisher, Trestle Press.
Crystal: Thank you for having us, and thanks to our wonderful readers. To be honest, the reality of it all has not sunk in yet because my life has not changed. I still do normal things like cook dinner and walk my dog. I must stop and remind myself that I am indeed a successful author.

What made you decide to become a writer? I understand it is hard work with little pay, unless you get lucky.
Roger: Lucky is right! I feel we were just at the right place at the right time. Trestle Press has been a tireless advocate of the authors they represent. I’ve been writing all my life, and this is the most fun so far.
Crystal: There are important writers on both sides of my family. I grew up writing but thought nothing of it. Then, in the year 2000 we decided I would try to get my deceased mother’s stories published. In the process I became published and was stunned by the raving reviews.

Whose idea was it to write Amish Forever?
Roger: Apparently Giovanni Gelati of Trestle Press had read my first novel, Amish Snow. He contacted me and asked if I would write an Amish romance novel.

Interesting, tell me Crystal how did you become involved?
Crystal: Roger felt to do a good job he needed a female co-author and he placed an ad looking for a co-author for an Amish romance series. I replied to that ad and, as they say, “The rest is history.”

What is it like to co-author a book?
Roger: First of all, I had never co-authored before and one of the reasons I chose Crystal is because she was an experienced co-author. It’s great. We complement each other well and even with the pressure of deadlines and outside demands on our respective time commitments, have not had any significant disagreements. It’s really been awesome.
Crystal: While Amish Forever is my first novel, it is my fourth book to date. All four were either co-authored or collaborative efforts. It is like joint venturing where the key people sit down and discuss goals and game plans. Then they go to work, do what needs done, and communicate clearly.

Speaking of doing what needs done, who writes what and how do you get your writing voices to blend together so well?
Roger: LOL, good question! We actually sat down recently and had what we irreverently called a “board meeting,” and wrote out a pretty detailed outline of who takes the lead on what. I’ve always heard that there two things cause a partnership to fall apart: failure OR success. Thankfully we have completely avoided that and I think are more in tune than ever. I love the roaring engine, smoking tire scenes and Crystal conveys beautifully the teardrops falling on the vanity panel scenes.
Crystal: Before we start writing the next chapter, or volume, we email each other notes and ideas. I write the first draft and email it to Roger. He adds to what I wrote and writes more scenes then emails it back to me for editing. I edit and email it back to him. He then edits more and either sends it back to me for editing, if needed, or sends it to early readers. After that we give it a final edit and format it. When we are satisfied Roger emails it to Giovanni, our publisher.

Obviously you two are very organized? Tell me what it is you want your readers to take away from the story?
Roger: Ok, so here is where the guy chromosomes kick in. I want readers to feel like they got their money’s worth, that the characters came alive for them and, as the saying goes, the story carried them away to another time and place. I want readers to recognize the effort we have put into our craft and say to themselves, “That was a good story.”
Crystal: All of my books are about overcoming, in one way or another. The perfect example is my book: God’s Counterpoint, published in the ONE anthology by Mark Miller and published by Trestle Press. I want the readers of Amish Forever to come away feeling good about the story and feeling encouraged that they, like Ava, can overcome the obstacles in their own lives.

What in your opinion, is the fascination that American readers have with these Amish books?
Roger: The Amish, I believe, appeal to that fundamental human desire for simplicity and goodness. I think a lot of us envy their unswerving belief in a higher good.
Crystal: I agree with Roger. I also believe that the reader can live the Amish life vicariously, to borrow one of Roger’s words, through the lives of the characters.

The two of you are obviously committed to your writing. What are your future plans? Will there be more books? Will we learn more about Ava and Zeke?
Roger: Early on when we realized how popular this series was going to be I commented to Crystal that if we don’t write more together we need to admit we’re not really serious about writing fiction. We already have several story spinoffs. I especially like the ones involving Abe and Bliss.
Crystal: I look forward to writing more with Roger and, in addition, I have my own writing career. Recently I sent two books to publishers. One is a short story that Giovanni, of Trestle Press, will publish as soon as I make it longer. The other is a non-fiction grandparent’s guide I sent to a publisher I know personally in the Seattle area.

Our time is up, unfortunately but again, thank you Roger Rheinheimer and Crystal Linn for joining us today – and again, congratulations on your success with the best-selling Amish Forever. I look forward to reading more of your books.
Roger: Thank you for having us.
Crystal: Thank you for inviting us, and for the good wishes.

Visit Roger’s Blog here, and Crystal’s blog here.

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