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Writers, exactly how important is it to know whether that comma belongs there or not? Do you really need to know how to spell every word correctly in your manuscript? Won’t the editor at the publishing company “fix” my manuscript?

These questions have run through every writer’s mind. Yet, the average writer, especially newbies, often think the PUGS (punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling) aren’t that important when creating a masterpiece.

My afternoon series of classes will set the record straight. Each class will be very hands on with worksheets and handouts. Everyone in attendance will learn how really important editing your own manuscript is. Here’s what you’ll be learning in my four classes:

Day One

Formatting before beginning: margins, headers, font. Setting up Word for auto indent and no space between like paragraphs.

PUGS—specifically using commas, semicolons, colons, smart quotation marks, dashes, ellipses, plurals (with attention to plural acronym—UFOs, not UFO’s), turning apostrophes the right way (Don’t worry your noggin, just listen to Mama—an apostrophe’s simply a flying comma). Hyphenation, passive constructions, etc.

Day Two

Powerful Sentence Structures: (This is my baby)-examples of poor to good sentences and then showing how reworking them moves them to outstanding. Showing the power of end-loading or front-loading the critical information to get certain reactions from the reader. This day will also work on misplaced modifiers, awkward phrasing, rule of 3, etc. Also varying sentence structures and Whacking the Weed Words and Wonkers that weaken sentences: To be words, repetitions, overused words, adjectives and adverbs, cliches, etc. How to use “search” to help clean up your manuscript.

Day Three

PUGS specific to Christian writers: formatting/punctuating Scripture, capitalization of common religious terms. Using the tools to help you find the answers if you don’t know them. (This info can be part of the Day One PUGS stuff as well.)

Day Four

Understanding the business of writing for publication. I’ve found that most writers we contract at Sonfire have no clue how a book gets from pen to published to distribution and how royalties can be figured more than one way, so 10% one way may be just as good at 20% another way. This day will also work on IEPs. Individual Escape Plans—for hopping off that train or treadmill and taking measurable steps toward their goals. Will talk about investing in yourself, both financially and with time to study/write/rewrite/repeat.

Writers, you CAN improve your own writing!

Commit all that you do to the Lord, trust Him to help you do it, and He will. Psalm 37:5

A Little About Vie

Vie Herlocker is editor for Sonfire Media, a small traditional Christian publisher, and its fiction imprint, Taberah Press, located in Galax, Virginia. She is also a freelance editor at Cornerstone-Ink Editing. She is a member of the Christian Editor Connection, Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network, ACFW, and ACW.

While editing is her greatest love, Vie coauthored a book for the educational in-service market, ghostwrote a memoir, and has been published in compilation books and periodicals, including Penned from the Heart, Chicken Soup for the Empty Nester’s Soul, Christian Communicator, Church Libraries, Guideposts, Angels on Earth, and more.

Editorial Needs

Sonfire Media publishes nonfiction “Messages that Matter.” We like Christian living and inspirational books, including distinctive memoirs. Themed devotionals are considered, but we prefer these not be 365-day books.

Taberah Press publishes fiction with “Intrigue and Inspiration.” We are looking for YA/New Adult speculative fiction that takes readers on a journey, shows them something about life, and reminds them that there is more.

Contact: vie.herlocker@sonfiremedia.com


I’m looking forward to seeing you at this year’s conference.

To register, go to http://www.montrosebible.org/OurEvents/tabid/113/page_550/1/eventid_550/58/Default.aspx

Marsha, Director


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Meet the Author: Vie Herlocker


Over the last twenty years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some fine people in the writing and publishing business. One of the finest I’ve ever known is Vie Herlocker from Fancy Gap, Virginia. Vie is one of those folks who has such a vibrant personality, you immediately want her to be one of your best friends. She’s witty, kind, and very professional, and she’ll do anything to help any writer be successful in this tough publishing world.

Vie Herlocker is the editor for Sonfire Media, a small Christian publisher in Virginia. Vie also provides freelance editing services through Cornerstone-Ink. Whether she’s editing for Sonfire or Cornerstone-Ink, her mission is the same:

“My desire is to encourage and mentor other writers as they develop the skills needed to answer their call to write. Each manuscript entrusted to me is a gift from God that I nurture with respect for the author and his or her voice, while moving the writing closer to publication quality.”

Book MamaVie is also known as Book Mama and her alter ego, Miz Moe. These personas add some fun at workshops where Book Mama is the cookie-Miz Moesharing encourager for writers—kind of like their real moms. Meanwhile, Miz Moe (Measley Old Editor), is tough love, pointing out possible red flags to publishers.

Did You Know?

  1. Vie lives in an RV four months at a time (with her sweet hubby, a goofy dog, an unstable cat, and a bunch of odd ducks).
  2. She has two fabulous sons and two beautiful daughters-in-law.
  3. She was a mud and dirt drag racer, winning more trophies than her husband, in the Mid-Atlantic Four-Wheel Drive Association in the late 1970s.

(And I’d give money to see some of those pictures!)

Personal Writing

Vie has published in Guideposts, Angels, Penned from the Heart, Miracles of Forgiveness, Chicken Soup for the Empty Nesters Soul, Mature Living, Church Libraries, and The Christian Communicator. She co-wrote Building Better Schools by Engaging Support Staff and ghostwrote a memoir. But her latest passion is seeing other fine authors have their books in print via the auspices of Sonfire.

The company’s latest works are Handing It Down: Teaching Your Children the Basic Truths of Faith, by Tim and Tami Thurber; With Each Passing Moment: Help and Hope for Caregivers, by Shirley Leonard; and Boundless: Discovering God in Your Eating Disorder, by Ashli Roussel (written when she was nineteen years old!) I was also privileged to have one of my juvenile fiction books published by Sonfire: The Secret of Wolf Canyon, and the company did a beautiful job with that book, of which I’m very proud.

I am also proud to call Vie Herlocker a very dear friend.

Leonard.cover.Vies.Co.Vie.Thurber.HIDVie.Bk.CoverAshliBookCoverTHE SECRET OF WOLF CANYON

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