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Meet the Author: Sharon K. Souza


Sharon K. Souza loves to read and write fiction, most specifically women’s fiction. Her first novel, Every Good & Perfect Gift, was published in 2008 followed by Lying on Sunday later that same year.

Serious Fiction with a Dose of Humor

Concerning her writing experience, Sharon tells me, “I’ve experimented with different genres over the years and had fun doing it, but I truly found my niche when I began to write contemporary women’s fiction. I write novels about weighty subjects such as infertility, infidelity, catastrophic illness, extreme loss, but I always temper them with a good dose of humor. I often hear from readers that they were crying one minute and laughing the next. That’s exactly my goal as I write my novels. I do want to explore the difficult situations we face in life, particularly as women, but I honestly believe there’s nothing we go through that can’t benefit from a little comic relief.”

As a Christian, Sharon wants to address serious issues from a Christian—and realistic—point of view. We’ve all asked ourselves, “Where is God when bad things happen? Why doesn’t he act as defensive tackle on our behalf in every single play of our life?”

“Okay,” Sharon adds, “I just dropped a penalty flag on that last sentence, because I gave you the false impression that I’m a football fan. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not even a little bit interested in football. No, instead, I’m a baseball fan. A fanatical baseball fan. Worse than that, I’m a Los Angeles Dodgers fan living in San Francisco Giants country. And as we speak, I’m in the unenviable position of having to root for the Giants to win the World Series (they lead 2 games to 0 as of today) or root for the American League for the first time ever. All I have to say is, Go Tigers.”   (Marsha says, “It looks like the Giants came through for you, Sharon!”)

Sharon also loves to pass some of her leisure time fishing. Believe it or not, she’d rather fish than shop. But she and her hubby have an agreement: He doesn’t iron his own shirts, and she doesn’t bait her own hooks.

 But Back to Her Writing

 “The first job of fiction is to entertain,” she says. “There’s enough we have to trudge through in life without having to trudge through the novels we read for pleasure. I realize the word “pleasure” is open to interpretation when it comes to reading. You might find pleasure in Stephen-King-scare-the-socks-off-you fiction, while I love spending time with Elizabeth Berg. But I also believe good fiction can shine a light on the big issues of life and help us navigate our way through them.”

 Sharon’s Latest Work


Sharon’s latest novel, Unraveled, is the story of Aria Winters, a young woman who is bored with her very privileged life, so she goes to Moldova to teach English to a select group of kids. Aria is ill-equipped for the world in which she finds herself but is trying to make the most of it. The couple with whom she’s staying is in the process of building Hope House, which will be a place where young women who are rescued out of trafficking can find help. Aria is really drawn to that ministry and wants to help. But when something happens to one of her students, Aria very nearly loses her way. (View the YouTube book trailer here.)


Thanks, Sharon, for visiting us today here at my blog. Best of God’s blessing on your writing ventures!


 To order Unraveled, go to Amazon, where the book is in print and Kindle versions.

 Sharon is also the author of A Heavenly Christmas in Hometown, a novella the whole family will enjoy.

Visit Sharon at her website, where you can read the first chapter of her novels: www.sharonksouza.com and check out the blog she co-writes with five of her favorite authors: www.novelmatters.com















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