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                            The 2020 MCWC Faculty Spotlight: 
                               PLEASE NOTE THIS CHANGE!
                        NEW PRAISE AND WORSHIP LEADER

                                      KATHY BRITTAIN 

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     Due to personal issues, Alison Everill, our Praise and Worship Leader from last year, had to decline our invitation to return this coming July. However, Jim Fahringer’s sister-in-law, Kathy Brittain, an accomplished musician, has graciously agreed to step in and fill the gap this year.
Kathy is pleased to be back at the Montrose Bible Conference where, as a young musician, she refined her musical skills, working with many Godly, talented artists. As an accomplished pianist, blending both old and new, her music has been a blessing to many folks.
Having recently joined the ABWE missionary team, she and her husband Bill will be serving Liberians (West Africa) by helping the indigenous church through compassion and Gospel ministries.

   Kathy will lead all our Praise and Worship sessions, including the Sunday evening opening time. She’s also agreed to lead the Singspiration on Wednesday evening, the event we had planned with Alison.
The one major change in the week’s schedule for her will be the following:


 Wednesday Afternoon Only
1:30 to 4:15


     If you had previously planned to sign up for this seminar, the additional fee had been $40. Please check online to see if there’s been a fee adjustment.
Also, please continue to pray with us that the COVID-19 situation will not cause us to cancel our 2020 MCWC conference.

I hope to see you in July!
Marsha, Director


To contact me for a brochure: marshahubler@outlook.com  or go to https://bit.ly/2XUGg4Z to see the conference details AND register online.

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                     The 2020 MCWC Faculty Spotlight:

                          MICHELLE LAZUREK 
                      ATTENTION, WRITERS!
  One of our 2020 MCWC faculty members will be Wordwise Media Services agent Michelle S. Lazurek. Michelle is a multi-genre award-winning author, speaker, pastor’s wife and associate literary agent for Wordwise Media Services. Winner of the Golden Scroll Children’s Book of the Year, the Enduring Light Silver Medal and the Maxwell award for best non-fiction, she is a member of the Christian Author’s Network and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association. She and her husband live in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania, with their two children, Caleb and Leah. 
                  MICHELLE’S CLASSES
             Wednesday Afternoon Classes               Do You Have a Platform? 
The word “platform” is used in writing, but few know what that means. Think of platform like a stage. It’s the place where you get your message out to the masses. But how does one do that in the midst of an overly-packed schedule?

In this workshop you will:
1. Understand the planks you need to build your platform
2. Identify which planks are right for you
3. Identify one way you can build your platform today

                 Writing for Early Readers

Many people want to write for children. But how do you write engaging content that not only tells a story but also keeps a young audience engaged despite the instant gratification world in which we live? In this workshop, Michelle will address the following aspects of children’s writing:

  • Why is writing children’s book so important?
  • Five tips to help you if you have a desire to write but don’t know where to start
  • Four ways to keep children engaged in the story
  • How to structure your book

                 Thursday Afternoon Classes

               From Conference to Contract:

     Turning Your One Sheet into a Stellar Proposal
You’ve gone to the workshops. You’ve met with publishers. They’ve shown interest in your book. So now what? In this workshop, Michelle shows you the five essential elements to flesh out your book idea and turn it into a proposal that captures a publisher’s attention. This workshop addresses:
An editor’s viewpoint on the process for sending a query, what to do with rejections, and the process from a go-ahead to a finished and published manuscript. This session will include hints and processes that can help every writer submit materials that can avoid rejection or extensive revision.

       The Twelve Essential Elements for Creative                                   Character Development


To help writers create and fully develop characters for their next writing project; a fun and exciting way to develop characters through mind mapping.


Have a great character in mind for your next children’s book, short story, or YA novel, but don’t know how to start creating one? In this interactive workshop, Michelle helps you create a dynamic main character that will help jump start your next writing project. This workshop includes:

  • 12 Questions to ask when creating character profiles
  • Four rules on creating page turning main characters
  • Exercise in creating an actual character from start to finish


Writers, please continue to pray with us that the COVID-19 situation will not cause us to cancel our 2020 MCWC conference.
I hope to see you in July!
Marsha, Director

To contact me for a brochure: marshahubler@outlook.com  or go to https://bit.ly/2XUGg4Z to see the conference details AND register online.


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Writers, the 2019 Montrose Christian Writers Conference is history for a month already. With over 100 writers, agents, and editors gathered together in mid-July, we had a wonderful week of fellowship and learning how to write better for God’s glory.

Believe it or not, I’m already working on the 2020 MCWC and already have verbal commitments from about 10 authors, editors, and agents. Lord willing, our next conference will be held from Sunday, July 12th to Friday, July 17th, 2020. A few folks who’ve already said yes to coming on faculty are freelance editor Vie Herlocker, literary agents Sally Apokedak and Michelle Lazurek, authors Annette Whipple, Joyce Magnin, and Tiffany Amber Stockton, social media expert Don Catlett, and marketing guru Karen Whiting. There are still about five or six more potential faculty members, so check in often to see the final line-up, hopefully before the holidays are upon us.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned writer and whether you write fiction or nonfiction, there will be over 40 classes presenting all facets of the writing/publishing world. We also have interesting and fun events Monday through Thursday evenings, often allowing conferees interaction with faculty members.

Then there’s Frank and Bucky, who always liven up the week’s boring moments (if there is such a thing.)

So mark your calendar and start sprucing up your manuscripts. Next July you just might find yourself with a contract in your hands.


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Need Individual Help with your Writing Project?


Get published this year! Help is available at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference July 17th-22nd

with three different work-in-progress sessions:



10:40 – 12:10 Monday-ThursdayIDE.KATHY.PHOTO.TWO



                             HONING YOUR NONFICTION

                                       KATHY IDE

 1:30 – 2:15 Tuesday-Thursday




What is a “work-in-progress?”

A work-in-progress seminar is designed specifically for a handful of writers at one time to revise a selected portion of their pieces in a private setting with the individual help of an award-winning author and with the critique of the other conferees in the class. The time spent is invaluable, helping each author polish that work and learn the skills needed to revise the rest of the work at home, thus making the manuscript more ready for publication. At Montrose this year, the WIPs are all limited to 8 conferees, who will work on their own manuscripts with the designated faculty member for several hours during the week.

Maybe this is the time you should register for one of the WIPs, dust off that old manuscript, and get serious about getting it published. You could have a book manuscript or a poem or two that an editor just might to be looking for.

Please check http://www.montrosebible.org/OurEvents/tabid/113/page_550/1/eventid_550/58/Default.aspx for all the details, including a registration form.






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Dallis Parker copes with bullying at school by dreaming about owning Snow, a wild Mustang, who most folks believe doesn’t even exist. Then she actually touches the horse, and her life is changed forever.


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We salute our vets and we salute you, Charlie Bear!
Bailey and Skippy

Taylor's Tips

Charlie Bear here.

What is today?

Charlie Bear with American Flag 009

Veterans Day. It’s our day to honor those who have helped to keep our country safe.

I especially appreciate that. Can you just imagine a place where you had to hide from attacks? Where you had to scrounge for food? Where you didn’t know where you would sleep at night?

Some of that is what I experienced in my formative first year on the streets in Los Angeles. I had to hide from big dogs who I thought were going to attack me. It’s what makes me bark so ferociously whenever I see them on the street. Hopefully they get scared of me before they decide to run up and attack me.

Then there’s the scrounging for food part. I had to look in all the dumpsters and trash cans I could climb into. Mostly, I foraged for leftover wrappers from fast food restaurants…

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Last time we looked at the dress code of those Mennonite young ladies who enroll at the Ashland Mennonite Bible School, Ashland, PA, for post–high school training in Bible doctrines, Christian living, and the Mennonite way of life. This time, we’ll see what the young men must abide by as they attend the rotating three-week sessions with, usually, over 100 other young men and women from the Mennonite persuasion from different states and even foreign countries.

While we review the dress code for this unique training school, picture your hubby, brother, or son dressed in like manner. How long do you think any one of them would adhere to these policies?  Read more….

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